Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Can one person make a difference in tackling climate change?

Some slides from a talk I gave on effective approaches to climate change, LINK HERE. Thoughts are my own and not those of my employers, past or future. 


Key points

Some activities, like switching off unused mobile phone chargers, are 100x less effective than others.

There are many excellent and high-impact charities which use an effective altruism framework of scale, neglectedness, and tractability, to drive results. 

This is only a small selection of charities - there are many other excellent organisations which may have a large but less clearly measurable impact. 

Regular donations to highly effective charities can achieve in excess of 10,000x the impact of individual choices. The best ways to mitigate climate change are through group and network effects, analysing points of high leverage.

It may also be that there are other more promising and pressing global problems, where donors could have a higher counterfactual impact. For more details, see 80,000 Hours and their accompanying podcast for more information.

High impact charity donation options:

Other potentially good organisations working on this issue:
[See presentation for introduction to population and climate change]

More reading:
  • Hewlett’s climate philanthropy strategy here
  • Does climate change deserve more attention within effective altruism? (by me) here 
  • Some other potential leveraged opportunities here

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